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General Discussion / Upgrade for Funke/Filser
« on: August 25, 2020, 05:51:03 pm »
Just got an update from Funke regarding their upgrade for the TRT800A. See below, Regards, Clive

Hi Clive,

we are really sorry about the long waiting time and the delay!
The assemblies have successfully passed the last tests and we have ordered new one for series production and maintenance.

But at the moment we don´t have a fixed delivery date - we think at the end of September to mid-October.

We will contact you if everything is complete so that your device can receive the update.

Regards, Tanja

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards                     
Tanja Funk
Vertriebsinnendienst / Einkauf
Inside Sales / Purchasing

f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS GmbH
Heinz-Strachowitz-Str. 4, DE-86807 Buchloe / Germany

Hi folks, I'm installing proper antennas under the belly of my aircraft and have an option as to which of the two goes nearer the plane's TXP antenna, this is mounted off to one side so using the same position for the transmit and receive one will be nearer the TXP antenna than the other, which is best where?

Thanks, Clive

OK, this might not be a PAW problem but I can see there's lots of savvy folk on here so maybe you can help with my problem.
I have a PAW and have been using it successfully for a few years. A few days ago I updated it and it's running ok with the update.
The issue I have is it can't see my aircraft's transponder on the PAW, I know it's not supposed to. But even set to another Hex and Reg the PAW can't see the TXP on the traffic list when reading via the browser on It did once when I tried a test on the ground 3 months ago but it didn't show the ADSB word you need to have a screenshot of to prove it's working. I gave up that day scratched my head. I have a Filser with a Garmin feeding the position signal via RS232, Filser suggested I tied the ground of the Garmin and Filser together to give the RS232 a good reference so I did this but no difference. That said the ADSB was showing on FR24 right from the first time I flew with it hooked up. After doing the update the other day to the latest PAW update I thought I'd try again. All regular traffic is there of course.
I need to see it so I can confirm the TXP is transmitting ADSB so I can get the sign of for it from the LAA.
The Garmin signal also feeds the autopilot and that shows 'GPS Good" shortly after the GPS gets a fix.
If I have a look at myself on FR24 while flying I can see the plane's reg and the position is good and the feed is shown as ADSB.
So TXP works, is showing as transmitting ADSB, is recognised by every agency I've talked to in past few years (with and without ADSB feed connected), only thing is it won't show up on PAW when I reset the ID etc away from my aircrafts code(s) or when they are set.
Please ask any questions if I haven't explained myself. There is no 'flight' switch on the TXP.
BTW, today I took the PAW out of the aircraft and parked 300m away and tried to see the plane's TXP when it was parked up with 7000' Mode ACS squarking and a good GPS signal shown on the GPS and the autopilot.
All this is under testing as neither the ADSB hook up is approved yet and neither is the Autopilot, I want to bundle the paperwork and get it all signed off together.
Anything I've missed, ideas appreciated?
Regards, Clive

Technical Support / Shortening the 1090Mz antenna
« on: August 08, 2019, 05:27:36 pm »
I'd like to shorten the antenna as described in your Antenna PDF, 68mm but where is that measured from?
It will fit a lot nicer on my coaming if it's half the size.
I have had a surf/search to try and find this info.
Thanks, Regards, Clive

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