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Technical Support / Re: Connect PAW with Powermouse
« on: June 30, 2020, 11:47:41 am »
Hi Patrick,

From reading the Powermouse manual it is true the power supply should be between 8-30V, in other words; using the aircraft's 12V power supply.

Is the aircraft your own, in which you can make a permanent fit or is it your intention to have everything transportable?

If it is your own and you want to fit it permanently then it would be a very simple job to connect to an existing CB/fuse input and then just have an in-line 3A fuse. The ground wire could connect to any ground point/ground bus bar.

As the Raspberry Pi runs on 5V I do not think it will be realistic to run it from the same power supply. That would involve a step-up transformer and that just gets a bit silly.

Technical Support / Re: Pilotaware firmware updater
« on: June 19, 2020, 04:46:26 pm »
Wot's Android  ;D ;D

What is your coaming made from?

I ask this as I have two GPS antennas underneath my coaming and they both work brilliantly. This is on a Eurofox and I THINK the coaming is fibreglass (quite thin but not super thin). If I were you I'd do a quick experiment and plonk the GPS mouse antenna under the coaming and see if it can see all the satellites it needs. If not, THEN drill the hole  ;)

If it's made from carbon then ignore all I've just written.

OGN-R PilotAware / Re: METAR feature in latest software??
« on: June 12, 2020, 03:09:54 pm »
Fair enough and good points, well made  ;D

The one I referred to is the military colour code scheme but that was in force long before Sky Demon etc did their thing. Why THEY re-invented the wheel we'll never know and why the Aviation Briefing Service is different again does add questions but the important thing is your colour codes DO match up with another accepted scheme (including the Frogs.......almost, as they have blue as 'very' VFR), so all is well in the world again. I have to admit I never knew of those other colour schemes but that is my fault. I shall go and self-flagellate as punishment for suggesting you're making things up when they are available and only my ignorance prevented me from knowing about them.

OGN-R PilotAware / Re: METAR feature in latest software??
« on: June 12, 2020, 07:25:03 am »
Green vfr
Blue mvfr
Red ifr
Lilac lifr

I still think introducing your own colour codes is a mistake. There is a perfectly good, understood by many, semi-international colour code system so why re-invent the wheel?

Oh, now we’re straying into the realm of dragons. I do know the home page will tell you what’s happening with the power right now i.e if it’s being throttled etc. I would imagine the logging page would tell those in the know if there was a power snag but I wouldn’t have thought the same of the track logs. I imagine that’s just a record of the position ‘breadcrumbs’, as opposed to the state of the compute itself.

Hopefully someone who knows what they’re talking about can confirm or deny

I run my PAW from a Charge4 USB hub which is wired into the aircraft power. The power cable from the Charge4 to the PAW is 18 AWG wire terminated at each end with the appropriate USB plugs. The mini USB plugged into the PAW itself is secured with hot glue (well, it's cold now but was hot when it came out of the glue gun) tp make sure it doesn't wiggle its way loose.

I have my iPad with a Bluetooth connection to my David Clark headset and there are no such problems.

Based on no technical expertise at all, I'm off to Ladbrokes to put my bet on it being a power issue (brown out). Is the power supply in the aircraft the same as it is when it's on the kitchen table?

Technical Support / Re: Flightradar24, ADSB, Trig tt21 and PAW
« on: May 24, 2020, 07:13:23 pm »
I thought Burberry was for Subaru-driving spotty youths who wear baseball caps back to front and hang around outside Halfords. Tartan thermos flasks, on the other hand, are for 60+ couples who drive into the 'country' for a nice cup of tea in a lay-by or for those with parka anoraks who enjoy collecting train or aircraft numbers.....for a reason best known to themselves. A Flying Scotsman + tartan thermos is pure porn for the aforementioned anorak wearers, so they must be related in some way  ;D

Technical Support / Re: Flightradar24, ADSB, Trig tt21 and PAW
« on: May 21, 2020, 06:54:48 pm »
If your friend watched you on FR24 when you were flying then it sounds like everything is set up properly with your equipment, so that's the difficult bit done  ;D

The FR24 registration is a bit hit or miss. Sometimes aircraft are registered by someone with a tartan thermos flask but other times you have to do it yourself. I sent my details on the FR24 Forum but got a message back saying it had already been done. I can now go into FR24 and play back my flights and get my story straight for the CAA  ;)

Technical Support / Re: Flightradar24, ADSB, Trig tt21 and PAW
« on: May 21, 2020, 09:25:49 am »
Is the baud rate of the PAW set to 9600 i.e does the baud rate on the TT21 and the PAW match? As I understand it, the baud rates in this case are not super important but they must match.

Sometimes FR24 need to be told of your aircraft details so they can load it into their database. Easiest way is through their forum:

or you can email them using the address on the FR24 webpage.

If you can see the lat/lon on your TT21 screen, then you know it's getting a decent position signal from your PAW.

Technical Support / Re: 1090 Unavailable
« on: May 17, 2020, 08:20:16 am »
Just to draw a line under the original problem, in case someone searches for the same snag.

I fitted a Flight Aware Pro Stick between the ADSB antenna and PAW as my ADSB dongle. What is very strange is that it seemed to work very well at home and I picked up a gazillion contacts (pre-lock down). I was using the official Raspberry Pi power source, so had loads of Amps wiggling down the tube. When I installed the same set up in the aircraft I got the Red blob on 1090 and, despite changing the Pro Stick for another one, got the same result. This was using my Charge4 with 18AWG power cable supply to the PAW. Engine running and not running made no difference.

Enter Ashley The Saviour  :)  He saw a snag with some of the gibberish in the logging page and said it was my ADSB Pro Stick dongle that was the culprit. A bit strange, as it definitely worked at home but I'm not going to argue as I don't have a clue about those log codes (parents, babies, $$$....who knows). Luckily I had an SMA to MMX adapter and Ashley sent me a new Nooelec dongle, the same type used in the Rosetta. Apparently these use less power, so that all sounds good to me.

The result: a green blob most of the time BUT an orange blob quite a lot of the time as well. I was concerned about the orange blob as I didn't want to put the seat pan etc etc etc back in and then have to take it all apart again. Another call to Ashley revealed the 1090 orange blob isn't a problem. Basically this means your ADSB has seen traffic in the past (green blob) but it's not seeing anything at the moment. Red is not good but orange really means it's just waiting. With the lack of traffic around at the moment that is not surprising. Relieved that I hadn't done something wrong the machine was re-assembled and fingers double crossed.

I flew yesterday and, according to the traffic log, I am pleased to note that my PAW saw many, many things. I also saw  quite a lot of traffic (especially to the north of Compton Abbas). I saw PAW and I saw ADSB and the lovely lady even warned me of the danger presented by the aircraft ahead of me on final  ;D

So, if you get a red blob and 1090 unavailable, change your Flight Aware Pro Stick for something else  ;D

Technical Support / Re: Dead PAW, Pi advice
« on: May 17, 2020, 07:58:30 am »
I replaced my Pi 2 with a 3b+ as I wanted to take advantage of the built in WIFI and Bluetooth of the newer model. Even if you don't use the BT it frees up a USB slot and one less chance of a dongle falling out of the slot. The 3b+ is, of course, faster and has more capability than the 2. Whether that helps the PAW functions I have no idea but I know it doesn't hurt.

My Pi 2 was re-purposed as an ADSB receiving station but will be changed to an Atom thingy once we move to our permanent UK home.

Yes, you will need a new licence key.....something to do with Big Macs and addresses  :)

Technical Support / Re: 1090 Unavailable
« on: May 04, 2020, 08:18:42 am »
Silly 512kb attachment limit  ::)

Technical Support / 1090 Unavailable
« on: May 04, 2020, 08:15:10 am »
I suspect I already know the answer (power throttling) but I just wanted to run this by the august members herein, lest I've done something really daft.

Before I fitted my PAW to the aircraft I tested the setup at home and it worked very well; so I don't think it's the equipment.

I installed everything in the flying machine and now I get the dreaded red blob saying 1090 is unavailable. I tried a different ADSB dongle (the same as I used for my ADSB home station) and I tried a different antenna (which was placed outside the cockpit on the engine cowling). In all cases I got the same indications.

I did open up the ADSB restrictions to allow all traffic to be shown but that did expected if there's a red 'unavailable' blob.

To the power then. I am running my PAW from a Charge4 (top left USB). From the Charge4 to the PAW I probably have maximum of a 2m cable run. This cable is 18AWG, using the screw-on USB/min-USB plugs recommended by Jeremy in a post some time ago. I haven't run everything with the engine running yet but the battery seems to be full of volts so I don't think that is the problem.

Is this all about the power throttling or am I missing something else?

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