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PAW OGN-R on Ian Fallon's PAW Users Map
« on: October 30, 2017, 11:19:47 am »
Hi All,

I have added  a separate map 'layer' to Ian Fallon's map for PAW OGN-R stations to make them easier to see amongst the ever growing throng of PAW users.


OGN-R station 'owners / installers' please  feel free to add your OGN-R stations to this layer, preferably using the standard format I have set up. Any probs please get in touch.



p.s. I have added a few 'known' ones to get things started.
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Re: PAW OGN-R on PAW Users Map
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Hi Peter,

This has got to be the most unfriendly app going. Maybe because I’m using a tablet, but try as I might, cannot discover how to do it!



Hooray, managed to add PWKingstone after much faffing at the PC!
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Re: PAW OGN-R on Ian Fallon's PAW Users Map
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Hi Chris,

It took me half the morning to add this extra facility to Ian Fallon's original PilotAware Map on my iPad... and I have used it several times before, so you'll get no argument from me! It's far easier and faster to do on my laptop.  :)

I realise you have done this before for your original PAW, Chris and have just noticed that you have now added PWKingstone and several others have also been added while I have been typing all this out, but....

For the benefit of 'new' users, who haven't used the map and want to add their PAW or OGN-R, here are some tips / reminders....

Please remember that as with almost everything in 'computing' there is usually more than one way of achieving the same objective, so please don't shoot me down if you know a better way. Any mistakes or suggestions for improvement will however be gratefully acknowledged. OK.... Here we go.....

First click onto Ian's Map here...

This will let you 'view' the map, which may have a 'PilotAwares' Legend showing down the left hand side. If not, there will be a 'Map Legend' button, which will bring up this list. You can then 'filter' the map by selecting or deselecting  'Map Layers' from the Legend. Each 'Map Layer' has a drop-down list, which expands to show all entries on that layer - though unfortunately only in the order in which they were added. Clicking on an individual entry in a list will take you to the relevant position on the map.

To add a new 'PAW' or 'OGN-R' position, you need to 'Sign in' to 'Google'. Most of us already have a Google account in some form for access to Gmail, YouTube, Google Play Store, etc. If you don't have a Google account you need to register for one, which then lets you into all relevant Google services. If anyone doesn't want to do this, drop me a PM with your details / location and I'll add your PAW or OGN-R to the map for you.

Having 'signed in', you will now see an 'EDIT' button at the top of the Map Legend. Click 'Edit' and the Edit Tools will appear.

At this stage please DO NOT randomly 'Add a Layer' unless you have a specific reason to do so. Layers should only be used to allow groups of sites - such as my new 'Layer' for PAW OGN-R - to be 'filtered' so as to be easily visible on the map separately from the full list.

Next move / zoom in on the map to your desired location.

Now 'Click' on the left hand side of the large box for the Layer to which you wish to add your Unit / Station. This should 'highlight' the left hand edge of this box with a blue line. PAW units should normally be added to 'PilotAware Owners' and OGN-R Units to 'PAW OGN-R Rebroadcast Stations', unless you have a really valid reason to create a new grouping. It is NOT necessary to deselect the other layers before adding a new position as it will only be added to the highlighted layer.

Now click on the Balloon shaped 'Add Marker' button, then click on the map where you want your marker to appear. The marker should take up the Colour and Style of its parent layer. By zooming in to close range you can position the marker accurately, but bear in mind that you may not wish to identify your exact location, in which case select a location nearby - (preferably not right on top of someone else's house!!).

This will position the marker and bring up a Header Box for your 'Forum Name' or 'OGN-R Station Name' and a second box in which you can add any other relevant details.

After doing this, click Save and close the information box. If you make a mistake you can return to edit the station, drag it to another location, or delete it by right clicking on the 'balloon' while signed in.

Before leaving the site, please make sure to reselect all Layers, then sign out by clicking on your 'Account' icon at the top right of the screen.

Hope this all makes sense and helps make things a bit easier. Any mistakes or improvements please let me know.

Best Regards

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